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Proud Members of the Affiliated Builders Group

May 5, 2024

At Concept Builders, we're proud to be part of the Affiliated Builders Group (ABG), a national buyers group that enhances the residential construction industry. As members, we gain access to a powerful network focused on optimizing construction practices and business efficiency.

Collective Bargaining, Enhanced Results

ABG negotiates favorable terms for pricing, service levels, and support, empowering members like us to enhance our operational efficiencies and competitive edge. This group's strength is evident in its more than 100 builders, who start over 3,500 homes annually and generate upwards of $1 billion in revenue.

Strategic Partnerships for Competitive Advantage

Our membership allows us to align with top suppliers like GE Appliances, optimizing costs and introducing advanced features in the homes we build. This collaboration helps us meet stringent building codes, manage rising material costs, and satisfy customer demands for innovative home features.

A Network of Excellence

Joining ABG places Concept Builders among the nation's top independent home builders, all committed to growth and success through shared goals and resources. This affiliation enhances our capabilities and underlines our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Through our partnership with ABG, Concept Builders leverages collective expertise and resources to continue providing exceptional value and quality in the competitive home building market.

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