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Build On Your Lot

Build your custom home on your land or lot.

Experience the ultimate customization with our exclusive 'Build On Your Lot' program. This program allows you to breathe life into your dream home, right on the land you own or intend to purchase. You can choose to build from a blueprint of your own or opt for one of our meticulously crafted floor plans. These designs have been premeditated to not only expedite the building process but also provide a clear understanding of the associated costs, saving you from unexpected expenses. Join hands with us and we'll ensure your vision becomes a reality on your own land, all while keeping your budget intact. Make your dream home a tangible reality, affordably and seamlessly.



Securing a mortgage pre-approval at the outset is a strategic move that enables you to shape your home building decisions around your financial capabilities. We are fully committed to aiding you in the process of finding a lender that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.

We present two flexible options for financing your new home:

Self-financing: You take the helm of the construction loan, giving you complete financial control throughout the building process. This could be in the form of a traditional construction loan, or a cash transaction. Whichever route you choose, payments will be made in accordance with a predetermined deposit and draw schedule to ensure seamless construction progress.  As an approved builder in partnership with a reputable mortgage lender, we can offer several low and $0 down-payment construction loan options, including FHA, VA, Conventional, and USDA options, as well as a bridge loan.

Concept Builders Financing: By providing a slightly larger deposit, you can leave the financing worries to us at Concept Builders. This streamlined option only requires you to focus on a single closing—when your dream home is complete and ready to move in.

Please note that approval for the Concept Builders Financing option may vary from case to case, but we're dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible for all our clients.

Choose the path that fits your financial strategy best and start your journey towards your dream home with Concept Builders.


Homesite Assessment

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect land for your dream home is an exciting endeavor, whether you already own a plot or are still on the lookout. We're here to guide you through key aspects that will shape your home and its construction:

Topography and Drainage: The land's slopes, gullies, and natural contours not only lend your property a unique character but also influence structural and foundation decisions for the homesite, as well as drainage planning. While properties with significant slopes may require specialized structural designs and foundation work that can add to the overall cost, they can also open the door to unique and beautiful properties.

Vegetation: While clearing dense tree coverage or vegetation can also add to site preparation costs, starting with a vibrant, lush landscape is a boon many homeowners dream of.

Rock Content: Rocky terrain can impact excavation and foundation costs, requiring additional considerations during the planning phase.

Utility Access: Proximity to utilities can affect the ease and cost of construction, but the right planning can make every location the perfect home site.

Assessing the costs associated with these factors is crucial when considering the budget for your lot purchase and the overall project. These elements can shape your budgeting decisions, helping ensure that your dream home becomes a reality within your financial plan. If you are still looking for land, give us a call to help you assess the land before making a purchase so you will have a good idea of what to expect.


Choose a Floor Plan

It is best to start this process by looking through the floor plans on our website. After narrowing down the plans you like most, come meet with us in person so we can help you make a final decision on the floor plan that best fits your and your families’ needs as well as any modifications or additions you would like to make to the plan that allow you to customize your home to fit you and your families needs. Already have a floor plan? We can build that too!



Once you have your financing, land, final floor plan and options selected, we will get the process started. Then you’re just 5-7 months away from living in your dream home. Please reach out and let us know how we can help!

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