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Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you know a little bit about me. Let me start off with I am a Husband, Father, Veteran, Coffee Enthusiast, Molecular Biologist and most importantly a Christian!Type your paragraph here.

MOLECULAR BIOLOGIST! You read that correctly, I obtained my Bachelor's in Science with an emphasis in Molecular Biology and minor in Chemistry from NSU in Broken Arrow. I was working towards going into the medical research field, more specifically, I wanted to try to find a way to detect Alzheimer's in the early stages. Unfortunately, my mentor passed away and my dream came to a screeching halt! The university was amazing through this time and offered me many options to continue on, however, I elected not to continue on.

How did I get into Real Estate? That is a great question! This is not something I seeked out, it found me. I initially started from being asked if I could temporarily help out someone who quickly became a friend as he was in treatment with his battle with cancer. I thought this would be a short term deal and never thought I would make a career out of it. I was so set on this being temporary that I declined being paid because I did not want to feel obligated. I did have a desire about helping Veterans and with that thought in my head I jumped in with both feet. I have had an amazing mentor in this process and have fallen in love with this career.

What do I do? Most importantly I work for you! I specialize in new construction, buyers, sellers, and am working on understanding the VA system more in order to better assist Veterans!

Whether you need Real Estate advice, a Realtor, or just want to drink some outstanding coffee and chat, give me a call/text.

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